1. What is Haladinar token symbol?

A. Haladinar's token symbol is HDN. The HDN token contract address is 0xFE73a07fa11ba0a8480159f405d35d0b55f826E8 .

2. How to see if I have transferred HDN tokens correctly?

A. Here is the blockchain explorer of Ethereum for you to track based on TX ID and ETH/HDN public address. For more information, please click Etherscan Check

3. How to Buy HDN Tokens?

A. Please refer to the Exchanges we are listed to purchase. For OTC wholesale trade, please contact us directly.

4. How can I be kept informed on Haladinar project updates?

A. Please join Telegram. Linkedin and Twitter channel where you will be kept informed on our latest development and latest news. 

5. When can we trade HDN tokens?

A. We are listed on Digifinex.com and crex24.com. Once we issue tokens to your wallet with your whitelist ETH address, you can trade. This will be after our public ICO stage. 

6. When can we receive our HDN tokens in our own wallet after public ICO?

A. We are targeting sometime in Nov/Dec 2018 where we will also be releasing our Haladinar HDN wallet to store your HDN tokens. You may also choose any secure ERC20 compatible wallet. 

7. I purchased HDN tokens from the listed exchanges. Can I transfer to my own wallet?

A. Usually exchanges will allow you to withdraw HDN tokens to your own wallet. Please check the exchange policy and their fee charge.

8. What to do if you send the HDN tokens to the wrong address?

A. If your HDN tokens were sent to a wrong address,Haladinar will not be able to retrieve the tokens on the blockchain. Blockchain transactions cannot be rolled back.  The only possible way to get your funds back is if you can find the owner of the receiving address and request them to send the funds back to you.

9. What is a Gas and why do we need Gas to transfer HDN tokens from wallet to wallet?

A. HDN, an ERC 20 token, is transacted on Ethereum blockchain. When you send HDN tokens and interact on the blockchain, you must pay for the computation. That payment is calculated in Gas and Gas is paid in ETH. For more information, please click Gas information.

10. What is Haladinar wallet Paper Key?

A. The wallet will automatically generate 12 random words which will become your Paper Key. The Paper Key is critically important and should be written down and stored in a safe location. We do not know or store your Paper Key. You are in complete control of your digital assets. You need this Key to recover your lost wallet onto a new phone.

11. What is Haladinar HDN token price in the wallet?

A. HDN price is currently pegged to USD 0.20 per HDN token based on public ICO token sale price. HDN owner can spend at HDN merchants at this pegged price. Any future exchange rate change will be announced in our media release.

12. How to remove HDN Wallet mobile application from mobile device?

A. For security reason, the 12-word Paper Key, for Apple IOS users, is required to remove the HDN wallet application from your mobile device. Otherwise, you have to do an Apple IOS device reset to completely remove the HDN wallet application.

13. Should I keep all my funds in my HDN wallet?

A. Please remember you are your own bank with cryptocurrency. You must keep your funds safe. You should only leave enough funds in your HDN mobile wallet for transactions. Majority of your funds should be kept in hardware wallet eg. Ledger Nano (https://www.ledger.com/).

14. What is the Merchant Code used for?

A. Haladinar has released a HDN mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) on mobile device that is integrated to the HDN wallet. Using the mPOS to scan this merchant code will ensure your collections of HDN tokens will be safe in your HDN wallet.